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Meet the team

David Roosevelt

Founder, CEO of Kandu Global Telecommunications
David Roosevelt is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Kandu Global Telecommunications. He is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the overall vision and strategy for the company. Under David's leadership Kandu Global Telecommunications has grown their distribution channel and affiliate partnerships to over six hundred premium brands, solidified Kandu Global as a local, state, and federal government supplier/contractor, all in coordination with the current development of eCommerce platform, KGx, eWallet remittance platform, KanduPay and wireless Broadband network, Kandu Global Telecom that provides, internet, phone, TeleED, Telemedicine, utilities, and remittance services.Prior to Kandu Global, David was responsible for employing keen attention to detail in reviewing reports and conducting investigations to verify compliance with set standards as a Senior Associate with JPMORGAN Asset Management in the Ultra High Net Worth Bank. As a Principal partner with Department of Defense contractor, CACI, David demonstrated his dedication to meeting the organization’s business objectives and maximizing growth and profitability through internal control systems and procedures.David holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Political Science and International Relations from The Ohio State University and St. John’s University Rome, Italy campus focused on International Political Economy.  David is currently a graduate-entry LLB candidate at the University College London/University of London and a candidate at EMBA Americas dual MBA Program with Smith School of Business at Queens University (Canada) and the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Terron Sims

Chief Operating Officer of Kandu Global Telecommunications
Terron Sims, is Chief Operating Officer of Kandu Global Telecommunications (KG). KG is an international enterprise focused on telecommunications management, product reselling, media-entertainment, digital advertising solutions, real estate, consulting, and social leadership. Mr. Simms brings a plethora of operations and leadership experience to KG having served as an executive in industry, the armed forces, and government. He is on the Board of Principals for the Truman National Security Project and a member of the American Council on Germany. In 2014, Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed Terron to serve on the Virginia Military Advisory Council. Terron is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. While deployed in Iraq, Terron established and mentored the government of Baghdad's Tisa Nissan District, where he served as a liaison officer to the United Nations. His final Army assignment was supervising and designing a $29mm dollar real-world fighting village for the Joint Readiness Training Center."

Darnell R. Carpenter

Construction Management Officer
Darnell R. Carpenter is Construction Management Officer of Kandu Global Telecommunications, a subject matter expert on the New Market Tax Credit Program, HUD HOME and CDBG resources, as well as Sec. 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program, Tax Exempt Bond Financing and public private partnerships. In addition to real estate development Mr. Carpenter is establishing in the U.S. Virgin Islands its first community development entity to directly access resources from the U.S. Dept. of Treasury Community Development Financial Institutions Fund. Prior to Kandu Global Telecommunications, Mr. Carpenter served as the Executive Director of the Prince George's County Housing Development Corporation (PGHDC) which is a community based non-profit housing provider in Maryland. Prior to leading PGHDC, Mr. Carpenter was a Schedule C. appointee in the Clinton Administration where he served as a Special Assistant to the President of Ginnie Mae and later directly to the Deputy Secretary of HUD. Prior to receiving this appointment Mr. Carpenter was an Affordable Housing Transaction Coordinator at Freddie Mac where he assisted in the structuring of affordable housing financing nationwide by directing equity into multifamily rental developments and provided credit enhancements to many single family initiatives. Mr. Carpenter began his career at HUD in the Office of the Secretary Jack Kemp reporting to the Chrd of directors of many community organizations, to include but not limited to: Arlington County's Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, the Citizens Advisory Commission on Housing, Arlington Red Cross, Arlington NAACP, and the Freedmen's Village Museum. Mr. Carpenter holds a B.S. Public Administration from George Mason University and was a Sorenson Fellow at the University of Virginia. Mr. Carpenter resides in Arlington County, Virginia and remains a strong advocate for youth.