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Music, dance, and more so the drum, is what these very differing cultural and regional sub-markets have in common. This connector may seem trivial, however, when music is shared between these very differing tribes and nationalities–a common rhythm and communication occurs. Music is the international language and American pop culture, and Hip Hop seems to be the current chosen genre in this day and age. Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, “BET” in the United States started BET from a perspective of serving a niche market within the United States but kept most of the broadcasting operation stateside and had challenges raising advertising and marketing dollars. These challenges let up after he fully focused his product offering on music, comedy, syndicated shows and other forms of entertainment. BET then went from broadcasting to niche market, to competing directly with MTV, VH1 and others for twenty-hour music entertainment viewership. However, in making this change the company received a tremendous amount of criticism for lacking substantive programming and covering international affairs from a global Africana perspective.

The advantage of pursing a combined, news, arts and music strategy to identify commonalities amongst our market is that almost everyone enjoys some type of music and thus viewers will tune in to see their favorite genre and the representation of their culture visibly or audibly. More viewership and clicks on KGN will equate to more revenue accrued for marketing and advertising campaigns. The disadvantages to this strategy are we may open ourselves up to the same criticism BET received in the United States, that we lack substantive programming and are not fueling the next generation with strong positive and practical images of themselves so they may have the tools and vision to sustain what is good and build upon aspects of their societies that are challenging.

"Easy access to a variety of different media platforms has significantly changed the way consumers experience entertainment. At Kandu Global Media we are committed to being at the forefront of our industry by providing the best content for all screens."
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