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Global Lifestyles

Due to lack of balance & holistic news and images broadcast by mainstream news/media networks. Per consulting with nationals from nations with emerging & transitional economies, particularly in Africa, Central/Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia; citizens were paying high prices for basic telecommunications and Internet service. These costs were extraordinarily high due to lack of telecommunications infrastructure.

Communications for economic development via News, Information, New Media Technology, Sports & Entertainment. The 21st Century Information Age provides the environment for KGN to realize extraordinary financial and social impact opportunities presented by the demand for new media technology and telecommunications content, products and services in the world’s emerging markets. We endeavor to facilitate bridges between these spheres via marketing, advertising, and information sharing. It is our goal to be your full-service communications provider within these burgeoning markets!

KGN will close the information divide between developed and emerging markets by facilitating a unique, innovative global perspective on business, politics, music, sports, and entertainment via original publications, stories, and live news feeds. Kandu-Global.com in coordination with KGN will sell wireless service, satellite cable subscriptions, and their supplementary hardware, software, and services. We will reduce costs to the consumer by utilizing ‘price efficient’ ‘green’ New Media Technologies and services. It is our mission to introduce the cultures, lifestyles, and issues of a core market of emerging & transitional markets, through a 'balanced' holistic perspective to the rest of the world. However, in doing so, we ‘cross-facilitate’ this endeavor via (“KGN”) through our focused global coverage of this unique market crossing through the United States, Latin America, Asia, the Near East, and Europe.


Our intent is to bring forth a common culture amongst our market that has thus far been separated by several thousand languages, centuries-old cultural nuances, and regional/geographic proximity and skewed outlooks.

However, the trick is to make its delivery fun, sexy, intellectually stimulating, entertaining, and most of all – FACTUAL. The market size is upwards of 65 countries and several thousand communities worldwide, as prescribed by UN economic indicators. KGN full-service website, coming soon!