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Electronic lifestyle solutions for connecting the globe: With KGN we provide a liquid malleable marketing strategy that speaks the local languages and to the many cultures of our market while enabling the market to continue with sending monies home to family, loved ones, and business via KanduWire remittance services at flat fees. With KanduPay, we provide this market with a technology that allows people to purchase goods with their wireless devices from all over the world in coordination with our unique software and relationships with banking institutions and telecoms from across the globe. We also feature music and video applications for wireless devices that allow our users to fully engage in their own unique individual cultural, economic, and consumer or executive experience. When we make it easier and more attractive for our market to engage financially, we make the market much more receptive to engaging with one another culturally, academically, scientifically, and romantically. Additionally, we offer over 100,000 products ranging from mobiles phones, notepads, computer electronics & accessories; to high tech kitchen appliances with our stakeholders and affiliates.