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Kandu Global Telecommunications:  A telecom, fintech remittance company | Where Money, Media, Commerce, & Culture converge | We help intersect life and technologies | KanduPay | KGN | KGx

KGT's (fintech, healthtech, teleEd) solution is to facilitate international trade and commerce via our e-commerce website KGx, a fullservice e-wallet remittance solution – KanduPay, and market-specific news services that coincide with remittance and commercial trade routes, Kandu Global News. KanduPay, a proprietary product, will allow anyone with a mobile device to store, send, and receive funds anywhere in the world using a highly secure and extremely cost effective e-wallet platform for traditional paper/coin asset classes, Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies. KGN differentiates our remittance offering by facilitating access to global news enabling our platform users to make informed decisions when remitting funds.

Our goal is to provide a commercial bridge to capital in the developed world that will facilitate the development of high-tech and telecommunications industries in emerging and transitional economy markets via this consulting firm ‘cored’ commercial enterprise. We have developed a strategic merger and acquisition strategy for technology and financial service companies that complement the endeavors above and our desired corporate investment and acquisition portfolio.


Kandu Global Telecommunications

As agents of change, we believe in innovation; technological and otherwise. We strive for excellence through optimism, proactive endeavors, and a continued effort to develop and maintain our corporate legacy.

KGT manages Kandu Global Network (“KGN”). KGN aspires to be the leading TV network as well as hold a variety of cable channels with millions of subscribers throughout our primary and secondary markets.  Additional holdings and campuses will be located in Latin America, Europe, continental Africa, Asia, the Near East, and North America; embodying our slogan of “many nations, one village”. Through Kandu Global Media Distribution, Kandu Global Media will produce and act as an agent for content that will be distributed in over 100 countries and in 15 languages. Kandu Global Interactive aspires to be a leading digital ad network for mobile, online and audio serving our primary and secondary markets in the US and around the world through KGN and KanduPay.

Social leadership at Kandu Global is an integral part of each of our business units. Through Kandu Global Community, our non-profit organization, as well as individual corporate social responsibility initiatives, we support education, the environment, and productivity.

Kandu Global Telecommunications

Social Leadership

We strive to deliver the best, most innovative products and services while managing our operations responsibly and conducting our daily activities in an ethical and transparent way.

“At Kandu Global we believe that our contribution to education, the empowerment of individuals and the communities in which we operate, are key to achieving sustainable growth. This conviction, which is integrated into our business strategy, generates a strong sense of co-responsibility and translates into actions with a positive tangible social impact.”

Our initiatives in education include job-readiness programs for children of our employees, scholarships for the development of young leaders, and the Kandu Global Community professional development platform for primary and secondary-school teachers.

Aware of the potential role that media plays as an agent of change, we plan to produce and distribute socially responsible content that promotes values of personal growth and coexistence, as well as the elimination of violence against women, the prevention of teen pregnancy, and gender equality.

The long-term vision of economic, social and environmental sustainability is at the center our tourism and real estate development business model. This vision is embodied by Kandu Global Community, and its community programs implemented through Kandu Global Community.