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Kandu Global

Kandu Global Telecommunications was established to promote international trade and commerce via and interconnected global network.  We serve as a government supplier and procurement company.

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Our Subsidiaries

We have three dedicated channels to strengthen our vision.

Kandu Global Telecommunications


A full-service e-wallet remittance solution.

The primary objective at KanduPay is to facilitate and ease the exchange of money across the channels for the KGx platform. It acts as single platform for all financial transactions, currency exchance and wallet services supporting major currencies across the globe.

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Kandu Global Telecommunications


A premium multi-channel multi-brand e-commerce start-up.

KGx provides complete import/export brokerage services including purchase contracts, shipping, warehousing, and delivery scheduling. The company concentrates on special and cultural imports from around the globe from KGx headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

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Kandu Global Telecommunications

Kandu Global News (KGN)

Is a market-specific news service.

Our objective at KGN is to facilitate a unique global perspective on politics, business, music, sports, and entertainment via original publications, stories, etc.

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Our Goal

KGE is a start-up telecom (fintech, healthtech, teleEd), premium multi-channel brand partner, & government contracting company. Our goal is to facilitate international trade and commerce via our e-commerce website KGx, a full service e-wallet remittance solution – KanduPay, and market-specific news services that coincide with remittance and commercial trade routes, Kandu Global News.

Kandu Global Telecommunications

Global Online Platform

Global Online Platform Kandu was started in 2014 with a mission to become a global shop where we meet the requirements of consumers all over the globe. Our products include electronics, camera, shoes, sports, bikes, fashion, vehicle, smartphone and more.

We have partnered with top brands such as HP, WD, Plantronics, VOXX, Samsung, Apple, T Mobile and Monster for electronics and related accessories.

Kandu Global Telecommunications

For apparel, fashion and other products we have partnered with top lifestyle Ray-Ban, Nike, and Reebok, etc.

Kandu Global Telecommunications

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Kandu Global Telecommunications

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Kandu Global Telecommunications

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